New Music: Leona Lewis - ❝One Step Closer❞ ♫♫

Reclusive singer-songwriter Leona Lewis has released the theme song 'One Step Closer' for the upcoming kids and family Apple TV+ original series 'Jane.' The track was written by legendary songwriter Diane Warren and produced by Jon Levine. 

As a fellow animal rights advocate, Leona says she was more than happy to record the track, which she describes as a "moving song about what we can do to change the world." She was set to perform the song on The Jennifer Hudson Show this week but has since postponed the appearance until May 1st. Some of her fans were thrilled about the song because they thought a new era was coming. Sadly, this was not so because 'One Step Closer' is just another one-off song. The truth is, Leona has no intentions of dropping another album despite the 8-year drought. Her passion to continue with music is not there any more, and of course she seems wary that her time has come and gone. As for the song, it is very underwhelming coming from Diane Warren. The woman certainly knows how to pen a stunning power ballad, but sadly, this isn't it. 'One Step Closer' sounds unpolished and unfinished. Leona's voice is also lacking in power. The vocal decline has been painfully evident in some of her live performances and clearly, this is what she's working with now. Some music is better than no music. The Rihanna effect, right?