Leigh-Anne teases debut solo single, ❝Don’t Say Love.❞

The honeymoon period is over. Little Mix star Leigh-Anne Pinnock is not playing around with the announcement of new solo music. She recently married footballer Andre Gray in a stunning Jamaican wedding, and has now officially launched her solo career bid. Debut solo single ‘Don't Say Love’ is coming this month (confirmed via her Discord) and she has shared a preview of the song courtesy of Warner Music. Little Mix fans will eat this up. It's uptempo. It boasts a very UK sound filled with electropop beats and garage influences. This was intentional. This was specifically tailored to the UK market. She has not hidden her love for R&B music. There will be urban-leaning songs on 'Letters From LA' (the album title, allegedly). Warner Music just wanted a more pop-leaning sound to launch her career and are making it clear that there is simply no room for failure and misses. Global PR agency Satellite 414 are in charge of Leigh-Anne, and will not allow her to sink. When Jesy Nelson argued with her label about the direction of her music, this resulted in her getting dropped by Polydor. But Leigh is about to show Jesy how it should have been done. No dated Hip Hop samples or trendy for rent rap stars. 

The little teaser below are just visuals, and not the music video. She’s “got a whole movie coming” for the “big budget” video which was shot in Istanbul. The video will reportedly have “a number of high octane dance scenes,” as she chases after that “up tempo pop hit.” A year ago, Tayla Parx talked about Leigh-Anne's music describing it as: "amazing music, bops and hit songs." Apparently, she has recorded a song with Stormzy, and Warner Music (US) has signed her up for global representation. Leigh-Anne has removed all of her Instagram posts, leaving only three of her most recent ones. She has dropped the "Pinnock" for her solo career and appears to be making all the right moves so far. She was never the greatest singer but vocally she has come a looooong way. She sounds really good on this preview and I'm looking forward to seeing what else she delivers. 


Anonymous said...

I’ve never found them interesting as a band and I don’t find any of them interesting individually. Good luck to her. The Instagram page won’t load for me so I guess I’ll hear it when I hear it, won’t prepare to be blown away though.