Keyshia Cole’s trailer for Lifetime biopic, ❝This Is My Story.❞

If there's one thing Keyshia Cole knows how to do it's cash in on her story. Following her retirement from music, KC wants to feel relevant again. 

She will probably get her wish since she is executive producing and making her acting debut, playing herself, in a new Lifetime biopic. Reflecting her early days in Oakland, 'This is My Story' is set to premiere on the network on June 24th at 8p/7c. 

We appreciate she was a thing in the mid 2000s, but a legend she is not. In fact, KC leans more towards being a one and a half hit wonder. A biopic? Did we not see her whole reality show vividly depicting her life or rehashing it out? We absolutely do NOT need a Keyshia Cole biopic. 


Anonymous said...

The Fantasia Movie Was Actually Good Years Ago On Lifetime. With Keyshia We've Already Seen & Heard Her Story Before.

Anonymous said...

Probably wouldn't watch it. I like her music, but not her personality.