Toni Braxton’s televised performance of ❝He Wasn’t Man Enough.❞

Toni Braxton deserves all the flowers, love and respect. She's a legend with such a beautiful, distinctive voice. Although she is mostly known for her heartbreak ballads, there is one anthem she totally snapped on. 

Toni went into the studio mad as hell when she recorded "He Wasn't Man Enough." In deed one of the most memorable man bashing anthems of the early 2000s and during a time Darkchild was coming into his prominence. Burna Boy's sample of this classic was certainly an injustice. But seeing Toni perform the song on TV in 2023 makes me VERY happy. The singer and her dancers saluted America’s military during “Byron Allen Presents The Comedy & Music Superfest” at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles on February 7th. Her performances of ‘He Wasn’t Man Enough’ and ‘Long As I Live’ aired last week on NBC if you missed it. 

Ms Braxton, we salute you.


Anonymous said...

My!! She is STH else!!! That voice 🔥