Erykah Badu accuses Beyoncé of STEALING her style...

Did Erykah Badu really hurl serious shade at Beyoncé? The 52-year-old took to her Instagram Story to accuse Beyoncé of copying her wide-brim hat while performing at her 'Renaissance' show in East Rutherford, New Jersey. 

Bey also shared the look on HER social media after the show, and Badu commented under the photo with, “I’m flattered.” They're both Texans but then, so is WWE legend The Undertaker and he's been rocking that look for decades. So should Badu be paying homage as opposed to attacking a mega successful pop artist?

A look worn by ANY artist is rarely ever original these days.


Anonymous said...

A reach. And even if not, Beyoncé rocks the look 10x better.

Scoopz said...

This was poor show from Erykah. Beyonces been rocking those hats in various colours since her 2016 Formation video.

Erykah does not own exclusive rights on that style of hat. Bitter woman.