Chlöe Bailey gets a back-handed apology from Funky Dineva...

To hell with the fake apology.

This man is only apologising for going in on Chlöe Bailey's looks because he received some serious, ass kicking backlash. Funky Dineva meant every word when he said Chlöe was “not cute without make-up.” Now all of a sudden he is recognising that he "crossed a line"? He couldn't even give her a real apology. He STILL felt the need to criticise her in the first few sentences, so you know it was hurting him to... ACTUALLY APOLOGISE and do it properly. Throw his entire ass away!

I 100% stand ten toes down on the fact that I think Chlöe Bailey is inauthentic when it comes to her as an artist. I think the sexual image she gives is unbelievable. I think that, in her defending her sister, the whole clapping back thing. I think it was inauthentic. But I also recognize that that is where my commentary should have started and stopped. I don’t have my head too far up my own ass or so far in my own ego that I can’t recognize the fact that I did cross the line when I started talking about her looks. That was below the belt. It was not necessary and it was non-germain to the story at hand. And for that, I do apologize. So, again, I apologize for going below the belt when referencing Chlöe Bailey’s looks. They had nothing to do with the story at hand. This was a learning lesson and I hope to move forward and not repeat it.