Backlash over Britney memoir forces Justin Timberlake to DEACTIVATE Instagram comments

In the wake of Britney Spears' memoir bombshells (and the assisted backlash), Justin Timberlake has now turned off his Instagram comments. Britney’ memoir, 'The Woman in Me,' details how he pressurised her into an abortion, cheated on her multiple times and then relentlessly slut-shamed her to kickstart his solo career. According to reports he has quietly removed himself from several club appearances set for early next year, which would have coincided with the release of his single, album and an upcoming tour. 

 From TMZ:
Justin Timberlake is feelin’ the heat amid Britney Spears’ new book release — and all the spilled secrets about their relationship. Remember, in her book Brit blames him for talking her into an abortion, accuses him of cheating and claims a run-in with Justin triggered a panic attack that ruined her 2007 VMA performance. Our sources say the hate JT’s been getting isn’t impacting his career plans. The single and tour for next summer are a full go — however, we’re told he’s quietly removed some club appearances that were set for early next year, tied to the release of his single and album.
People came for his kids, and have now flocked to his wife's Instagram to spew their vitriol. I don't have a very high opinion of the man, but coming for his children? I get that Britney is loved and her fans will bat for her at whatever cost but it just seems pointless going after him and his family for something that happened over 20 years ago. His kids should ALWAYS be off limits. When we're young, we do dumb sh*t. We make stupid mistakes. So him getting major hate for behaving like a typical, impulsive, teenage boy just seems a bit too much in my opinion. He already received major backlash after that Britney documentary and was forced into releasing THAT PR-laced apology. Ugh, I can't believe you heathens have me defending a man I don't even like!