Unpopular Opinion: "Beyoncé has opened doors for female rap" says Trina...

"There’s no sleeping on the Queen!"

I guess this is the perfect time to say "opinions are like assholes," and you know the rest. Veteran rapper Trina said that Beyoncé is like the #1 female rapper and has opened doors for female rap. I think a lot of people will disagree.  

Saying something like that is tone deaf to actual female rappers like Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj. Unless she knew her comments would spark outrage and she just wanted publicity for herself. It is just as controversial as Trick Daddy saying Beyoncé can't sing. Can Bey rap though? That's subjective. But Beyoncé is not a rapper, and she will never be considered one legitimately.  


MKPhillips said...

"My House" shows Beyonce is a rapper, but she definitely didn't open any doors for anybody in regard to rap. Why would Trina look down on herself and other female rappers like this?