Adele & Rich Paul reportedly in talks to have a baby via surrogacy...

Adele has a big future planned with boyfriend Rich Paul, and it has always included babies, and of course marriage. 
It has already been widely speculated that the couple may have already tied the knot, but Adele has always had this tendency to unofficially call Paul "her husband." As for the baby, we know she's keen to have one as she has mentioned it several times. 

Sources close to Adele and her fiancé have allegedly revealed that the two are in talks about exchanging their vows during an intimate ceremony in London, sometime during her upcoming European tour. Another source reportedly also shared that the couple have hired a surrogate and are planning to have a baby this year. Assuming there is a smidgen of truth to the story, this surrogacy trend is getting out of hand. Some women can't carry naturally so they have no choice, but others just do it because they can (not having to "ruin" their bodies and deal with morning sickness). Pregnancy is sacred. You're carrying life and the bond you have with that child is irreplaceable. So I'll never understand why a woman would choose that route if they can actually carry a pregnancy. Anyway, the source is Radar Online, so take that as you will.