Reality "star" weighs in on Kelly Rowland "walk-out": “If they gave J.Lo the best room, that’s because she is J.LO!”

Reality star Bethenny Frankel and Kelly Rowland are certainly cut from different cloths. Kelly is talented from a legendary R&B group and the other is... famous just to be famous, much like The Kardashians.  So it's an insult that Frankel would compare herself to Rowland. She is not on Rowland's level and has more reason to lick the feet of the higher powers if they asked her to. 
Interestingly, she made out that Jennifer Lopez's elitism eclipses Kelly's so in her opinion, Lopez deserved the better treatment!  

Frankel took to TikTok over the weekend to blast Rowland for having (in her opinion) “diva expectations.” At the last minute Rowland reportedly opted out of the appearance on “The Today Show” last week because she and her team were not happy with the dressing room conditions. They were said to have inquired about a bigger room only to be told it was already given to Jennifer Lopez. The “Real Housewives of New York” alum stated that Rowland should have just been “honored” for the opportunity while comparing the situation to her own experience as a guest on the show. She goes on to say that, "If they gave J.Lo the best room, that’s because she is J.LO!" After receiving major backlash, Frankel has since deleted the posts, perhaps also realising that her biasness was showing a little too much.