Azealia Banks trashes Beyoncé’s new country era & bigs up K. Michelle, but K. Michelle still supports Beyoncé...

The very outspoken Azealia Banks has brutally gone in on Beyoncé’s new country era after she announced new album "Act II" would be dropping next month. 
Despite Bey's new music shooting to the Top 5 on iTunes, Banks doesn't think Bey is “hitting the button,” and praises K. Michelle for doing it the right way. Meanwhile, K. Michelle (also releasing a country album) has reacted to fans asking if she's okay after Beyoncé's announcement. No bitterness. 
Banks is trash but where was the lie? 



Anonymous said...

K.Michelle can sing but she didn't get much support in R&B music outside of that "Can't Raise A Man" song & Love & Hip Hop! Renaissance went PLATINUM with ZERO promotion. Break My Soul went #1 on the Hot 100 & Cuff It went Top 10 & fans are still begging for videos.

Act II is starting off with a bang & Columbia Records didn't have to spend a dime! So, Azelia Banks is just trying to bait a response from Beyoncè!