Cover star Jennifer Lopez reveals to Variety that Ayo Edebiri tearfully apologized to her for past insults...

In her Variety cover story published today (Feb 13th), Jennifer Lopez reveals that Ayo Edebiri  "tearfully" apologized to her before they appeared on ‘Saturday Night Live’ together. In 2020, Ayo said she believed J.Lo’s musical career was “one long scam,” adding that the actress “can’t sing” on a podcast. This culture vulture really had to use the words, “mortified,” “tears” and “awful,” to cut Ayo down to size which shows she really was butt hurt about the comments. All she had to say was "we cool, she apologized privately." This is lowkey bullying, but I guess Ayo had  to put on the performance of her life because (despite meaning what she said) she simply didn't want violence. 

J.Lo teases new song ‘Rebound’, out Friday: