Beyoncé NOT performing at the 66th annual Grammy Awards...

Award shows are boring without Beyoncé and they know it. She knows it and her fans do too. A representative for the singer has confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter that she will NOT hit the stage to honor the late icon Tina Turner at Sunday’s Grammy Awards. At the 2008 Grammys, Beyoncé and Tina both performed “Proud Mary,” which was a memorable moment for Bey. But in recent years, Beyoncé regularly skips the Grammys and other award shows because she is pretty much over them and doesn't need them. Award shows need her for ratings. They know if she performs, more people will tune in. She is past  wanting to go to any award show after doing it for over 20 years (and still having to “compete” in award categories with artists that grew up listening to her). It is why Grammy executive producer Raj Kapoor  was begging her to do the tribute. There was no "conversations"  had. Beyoncé always has the upper hand when these producers approach her to perform at their declining award shows. When Tina died last year, Beyoncé shared a photo of herself with the legend on her website alongside an honorary message. So it's not like Beyoncé can be accused of snubbing Tina. That said, she did herself no favors when she controversially allowed her husband Jay-Z to say, "eat the cake Anna Mae!" in her 2013 song "Drunk In Love." 

Though the “eat the cake Anna Mae” part never actually happened in real life, and was solely for the movie (starring Angela Bassett), people still felt it was disrespectful towards domestic abuse victims. The news of Beyoncé's shunning comes hot on the heels of the icon and her husband Jay-Z breaking their 12-year tradition by choosing not to host their annual Roc Nation Pre-Grammy brunch this year, an exclusive bash they've hosted since 2011. However, Clive Davis has confirmed that the A-List couple WILL attend HIS Pre-Grammy party this Saturday. The 66th annual Grammy Awards broadcasts live from on February 4th, 2024 at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. live on CBS.


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