Beyoncé’s husband Jay-Z BLASTS the Grammys for never awarding her "Album of the Year."

Last night, Beyoncé watched her husband Jay-Z defend her honour while he criticised the Grammys for never awarding her the most prestigious award, Album of the Year. “I don’t want to embarrass this young lady, but she has more Grammys than anyone, number one album of the year. So even by that own metric it does not work. Think about that, most Grammys, number one album of the year, that does not work,” he said adding, “When I get nervous, I tell the truth.” 

The rapper made his out of character remarks while accepting the Dr. Dre Global Impact Award with daughter Blue Ivy standing by his side. Messy and tacky! This was such a bad move. He practically had a Kanye moment, except it didn't involve snatching awards out of Taylor Swift's hands. He still lowkey disrespected her. On that same night, Swift won Album of The Year, and made history by winning it again for the FOURTH time (more than any other artist ever!) His anger mostly stems from Harry Styles winning it last year over "Renaissance." Now don't get me wrong, "Renaissance" was a really cool album, but it was just "trendy" and not much of a contender for "Album of the Year" (lyrically, it wasn't deep enough but that's my opinion). A black woman hasn’t won Album of the Year in 26 years (the last black woman to win it was 23-year-old Lauryn Hill for the amazing 'The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill' in 1999), so I doubt it's something they're begrudging Beyoncé over. If we really want to argue, Mariah Carey (a true songwriter) has NEVER won Album of The Year either and she has albums that are actual masterpieces. It is actually quite tragic. Beyoncé has 32 Grammys making her the most awarded artist of all time and yet she is still not satisfied (a lot of talented artists never get nominated). 

And before anyone says, "it was Jay-Z that ranted and she was unaware he'd do it!" his rant most likely came from HER cussing them out behind the scenes because she's not happy about them awarding her in only the genre-based categories. Her family (especially her mother) have always been her mouthpieces for how she truly feels. They stay attending the Grammy Awards and begging for white validation but spend almost a decade shunning all the black award shows that do show them love (when was the last time they attended the BET and Soul Train awards?) Bey has won more Grammys than any living artist and she is well respected. If those Grammy wins aren't important enough for her, give them back. I'm sure many artists that have never been nominated would die for those trophies! If they truly feel this way, a bigger statement would be to never attend the Grammys, period.


Anonymous said...

(When was the last time she attended the BET & Soul Train Awards?) In 2016, if I remember correctly, she performed Freedom with Kendrick Lamar, & it was also AFTER BET let Karruche Tran insult Blue Ivy! So...yeah! It was also AFTER YEARS of BLACK radio personalities like Miss Jones & Wendy Williams & BLACK BLOGS like this site, Mediafakeout, The YBF & Concrete Loop telling her to "go sit her ass down somewhere" in the days of B'Day & IASF when she was CARRYING the BET Awards! Yeah, Toya, I remember them days too!

Anonymous said...

Toya Exactly!!!!!

Anonymous said...

AOTY isn’t a songwriter’s award. They move the goal posts specifically for Black women. Taylor Swift is not more worthy of the following: Album of the Year ‘honor artistic achievement, technical proficiency and overall excellence in the recording industry, without regard to album sales, chart position, or critical reception.’

Black women are the blue print. Bey is one of those women. The Academy has marginalised her to the niche categories when she’s their faves’ fave lol. Please.