Jennifer Lopez & Ayo Edebiri noticeably avoid hugging each other during SNL send off...

During this weekend's episode of Saturday Night Live, Ayo Edebiri indirectly apologized for calling J.Lo’s whole career “one long scam” during an “SNL” skit, but neither of them were going to fake it. And tensions seemed thick between the pair who notably skipped out on hugging each other during the nights send off. 

Jennifer Lopez takes great pride in her career, and though she doesn't sing or act particularly well, her work ethic, finesse and showmanship are almost unmatched. She works hard for her bread and butter. So when she feels someone is sh*tting on her parade, it is a low blow and a kick to the stomach and she is not going to be so forgiving. She is not going to ki-ki with someone who thinks her whole career is “one long scam.” In all fairness though, who would? They got through the episode as professionally as they could and now hopefully, they don't ever have to work together again. Oh, what an interesting night it's been!