Monica says she was never booked for Lovers & Friends festival despite appearing on the flyer...

The organisers and promoters of the Lovers & Friends festival have some serious explaining to do. During her attendance at Clive Davis’ 2024 Pre-Grammy gala, R&B vet Monica says she is still waiting on the call from festival organisers and that she has not been booked for the festival on May 4th despite her name appearing on the flyer (a flyer that looked more like a wishlist.) The first R&B vet to complain about her name appearing on the flyer without consultation was Mary J. Blige who stated her name appeared in "error". 

She later retracted after organisers seemingly PAID her off. She posted an Instagram Story with the caption: “😏💰” Other artists to complain about their name falsely appearing on the flyer extend to the likes of The-Dream, Juvenile and Mase. At least those we know of anyway! Is this actually even legal? They are selling tickets under false pretences knowing full well that half of those artists have not been confirmed for the event. And why would they put out a flyer without actually booking the artists? They are so unprofessional. SMH. Organisers are out here scamming people out of their money so I'm glad all of these artists are finally calling them out!