Beyoncé & Jay-Z cancelled attendance at Clive Davis’ 2024 Pre-Grammy gala at the last minute...

Having a global superstar power couple attending your party is the type of clout every party host can dream of. And Clive Davis appeared gleeful and in good spirits when he announced that Beyoncé and her husband Jay-Z would be in attendance. 

Unfortunately, Davis’ special guests of the evening cancelled on him at the last minute, according to Page Six, and apparently, organizers were told the power couple wouldn’t be attending moments after the gala started. In fact, they were notified just minutes before the event was due to begin. Reps for Beyoncé and Jay-Z did not comment on their decision to bail. Do try not to feel bad for that greedy old fart. 
We still haven't forgotten how he refused to shut down his Pre-Grammy party back in 2012 while his protégé Whitney Houston lay dead upstairs. He was always about the money.