Beyoncé unveils standard & limited edition album covers for ‘Cowboy Carter,’ Azealia Banks weighs in...

This week, Beyoncé unmasked the cover for her new album ‘Cowboy Carter,’ as well as the limited edition vinyl cover for the project, which arrives March 29th via Parkwood Entertainment/Columbia Records. The unveiling comes with a racialized message, noting an “experience” she encountered a few years ago in which she “did not feel welcomed.” 
Conservative country music fans lashed out at her CMAs performance with the Dixie Chicks in 2016, so it is well speculated this may be what she's alluding to. 

Beyoncé's latest single Texas Hold ‘Em has already debuted at No. 1 on Billboard’s Hot Country songs chart. The very opinionated Azealia Banks has also commented on the ‘Cowboy Carter’ album artwork and accuses Beyoncé of tapdancing to white people. I don't think she's tapdancing to anyone. I just think she's the type of artist that doesn't want to be boxed. Secondly, it's naïve for anyone to think said experience she had was NOT motivated by race. The negative reaction was not just down to her being an artist from a different genre trying to crossover or dabble in country music. Monica also received hate when she performed at the CMAs too. The only reason why the noise is louder this time is because... it's Beyoncé and she has impact.


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Toya = Banks

New album!!!

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As if Beyoncé is gonna give that essay Azalea wrote for her the time of day. Who’s really the stupid one here?