New Video: Halle Bailey | ‘In Your Hands’

Halle Bailey was giving us glimpses of her baby son Halo in the music video for her latest single ‘In Your Hands,’ which was really sweet and adorable. Her singing is so ethereal and she has the perfect voice for pop ballads. And though the song has some gorgeous moments and an uplifting message, it is lacking a bridge. As a result, there is very little build-up between the verses and chorus. A nice guitar solo would also have elevated the song, which abruptly came to an end after about 10 blinks. 

I'm glad that Halle seems to know her lane. I'm glad she has figured out what type of artist she wants to be (I prefer her musical direction much more than her sisters). She is also not thirsty to be a main pop girl either. Unfortunately, her team does not have a sharp ear for music or at least they have no clue how to choose well structured songs, and because of this, such an endearing song was clearly missing something and became a waste.