Snapshots: Ameriie dazzles in ‘Fault’ magazine...

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In promotion of her new single ‘What I Want’, Ameriie graces the pages of Fault magazine and looks remarkably stunning. Her new song is slated to hit iTunes on August 10th through her own independent label Feenix Rising Ent. She talks to the mag about the song's creative process inside.

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“The song took a long time – sometimes I can create a song in literally 5 minutes and it just comes but you never know if that will be the case. In this instance it took 8 months because I didn’t want to force it. I never sat down and said ‘it’s time to write the song and let’s just do this’, it had to be organic, it had to come to me, I didn’t want to think about it, and I wanted it to be driven very much by feeling and nothing cerebral. One day the pieces really started falling together and it just came.”
Click here to listen to her new single if you haven't done so already. I'd like to think Ameriie can stage a comeback with the track but it just seems she's stuck in time and not willing to move forward. What she needed was something more progressive as this sounds too much like a 'Touch' B-Side.