Reader comments of the week *new feature*

Usher dropped his atrocious album cover. Ciara's latest spread didn't slay. And Britney's new album is getting a whole lot of love. What are TW readers saying this week?
This week's bitchiest comment comes from an anonymous reader in regards to Ciara's latest spread for L'officiel Paris:
"If I was Ciara, I wouldn't aspire to do a magazine cover with Iman after Rihanna slayed the mess out of her editorial with said 'Legend.' I smell desperate...not only that, she looks like a washed up taller version of Beyoncé."

Ouuuuch!!!! But let's face it. Rihanna's shoot with Iman was iconic and if Ci wasn't going to bring the fierce, she shouldn't have come at all.

Suffice to say, no one is feeling Usher's comeback. Truthtea told some true tea:
"I love Usher but if you ain't going to deliver, have your ass several stadium seats until you get your music right! Even if it does take 10 years."
So we can all collectively agree that Usher needs to grow up and put out better music? Sadly, Usher has been trying to put out this album for two years max. Six songs later and he's still lost.

Britney's new album has been getting a lot of positive reviews lately, but there's just one issue many people won't argue with. Sheen says:
"It's nice to hear Britney bringing that bad girl pop shit that only SHE can bring, but...I guess what's making me disconnected is the fact that I KNOW the old Britney would SELL TF out of these songs via live performance and it's less likely to happen now."
Britney won't bring stage swagger to these songs, but at least *we* get life from them...

Sarah P might be onto something when she says Chris Brown may want out of his contract with RCA:
"All of this music makes me think he is trying to fulfill his album deal and go to another label/indie geesh..."
When an artist is putting out a new album every six months, something is up. It usually takes years to put forth a beautiful body of work, and the (poor) quality of his music definitely reflects that.

The general consensus mostly is that Frank Ocean's new album is painfully overrated. Mike Gonzalez says simply:
"I'm so over these overrated singers who are just too pretentious with their 'art.'"
Real talk. And stay tuned!