Britney Spears books another overseas performance

Britney Spears isn't so promo-phobic these days, and that's great. She's just booked a performance on The Jonathan Ross Show
While her VMAs performance didn't exactly break the internet, Britney was actually applauded for doing a ceremony she's avoided for almost 10 years (for good reason). This was actually a big deal, because Britney has been Vegas-bound for three years. However, 'Glory' is just too good of an album not to be promoted properly, and she sure knows it. Brit isn't just performing in various Stateside cities now, she's booking performances in London. Supposedly, the second single from 'Glory' is 'Love Me Down,' so perhaps she intends to start performing it at the iHeart Radio Music Festival tomorrow. She will then fly out to perform at the Apple Music Festival on September 27th in London and will also reportedly perform on The Jonathan Ross Show during an episode airing October 1st. Her upcoming appearance on Rossy marks her first televised performance in the UK since 2008’s 'Circus' era.

Anyway, THIS isn't what I call dancing but she certainly wasn't utilizing this type of energy in her recent performances. And as much as I love Brit, she has way too much money to be rocking horrible weaves like this:

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Secondly, this is the closest we're ever going to get to live vocals:

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LOL! Her sons are a damn mess for this. Why did his little evil laugh at the end give me Nelson from The Simpsons? It looked like she was charging at his ass to give him a good spanking. I bet she gets him good eventually.