Usher's final album sales ('Hard II Love')

Usher's new album 'Hard II Love' sold 26,256 in pure US sales this week, and this number rises to 37,286 with SPS.
Usher shrugged off his low album sales in his Breakfast Club interview this week. He explained away his relevancy despite struggling to sell bricks this week. His protege Justin Bieber has consistently begged his 90 million Twitter followers to cop the project, but to no avail. It's like Lady Gaga always telling people to cop Tamar Braxton, when her followers couldn't give a rats ass about a Tamar album. When are people going to get through to their heads that a massive social media following does not equate to album sales? I hope all the pole dancers went out and supported the album though because Usher certainly did a good job promoting self empowerment for strippers. They too need love despite doing a profession that often gets scorned on. The album is set to debut at #5 or #6 on the Billboard 200 chart.