Keyshia Cole hints at being signed to Epic Records

A very telling admission from Keyshia Cole suggests she may have signed a deal with Epic Records, joining newcomer Cassie.
Starting a fresh with LA Reid

Keyshia is pictured with Epic head honcho LA Reid following their "awesome meeting." She says she's spent a few weeks getting the music "right, and tight" and thanks Doug Morris for hooking her up with LA. Once again, nothing is set in stone and there has been no official announcement. I mean, a couple of months ago, we all thought she had signed to Columbia Records after she was pictured at their headquarters. I even delighted at the possibility of Beyoncé and Keysh sharing awkward elevator rides and company brunches together. Why? Because Keysh landed herself in hot water for dissing Michelle's vocals during Bey's headlining set at the Super Bowl in 2013. And then she went on an angry Twitter rant over Bey telling other bitches to "bow down." Keyshia has previously hinted that she will release her next album on a major label late last year when she said going the independent route just wasn't for her.

She severed ties with her previous label Interscope in 2015, and re-hired her former manager, Manny Halley. She has also been in the recording studio with London on da Track and Frank Ocean. Looks like we're about to hear new music soon. 'Point of No Return' wasn't my cup of tea. Actually, it wasn't good at all, but I have a positive feeling we're going to hear good things from this project. She seems focused.