Monica opens up about Brandy feud

During a recent visit to The Real this week, Monica gets asked to elaborate on her current feud with former collaborator Brandy.
Monica refuses to take the bait

Host Loni Love pressed Monica to respond to Brandy's negative reaction when a fan recently asked her to participate in the #SoGoneChallenge. Brandy's response was ‘Chile, bye!’ The attempted bait follows Brandy's "I don’t talk to Monica" admission earlier this year. So we knew something wasn't right with those two. However, Monica, who says she's "not bothered" took the high road, and praised Brandy. She said her, Brandy and Aaliyah come from an "elite" group, but I think there was more insight into that Grammy comment which was, "yes, I would work with her again, because truth be told, the only Grammy we both have is TOGETHER." The pair had a monster hit with 'The Boy Is Mine' in 1998 when Monica was 17 and Brandy, 18. Even if this was just an act for the cameras, I'm glad Monica kept it cute. I'm a fan of both ladies and hate that they don't get along any more. They're both talented women who have aged beautifully. Loni was just trying to get a reaction out of Monica, but Monica wasn't budging. The now-infamous 'So Gone Challenge' was inspired by Monica's 2003 hit 'So Gone' (written by Missy who also features). It blew up on social media and went viral after it was fronted by Chance The Rapper. Celebrities and fans (in the hundreds) posted up videos of themselves freestyling to the beat.

After selling a few hundred copies last month, the song jumped from 224 digital sales to 2,080 through August 12th-18th, according to Nielsen Music. During that same period, Nielson claims the total on-demand streaming for 'So Gone' jumped 289.8 percent. Spotify records claim there's been about a 140 percent increase in streams for 'So Gone' since August 11th. Crazy how a song that's over a decade old has received more momentum and success in 2016 than anything from Monica's latest album 'Code Red,' which dropped last year.