Lady Gaga unwraps 'Joanne' tracklist

Here's the official tracklist for Lady Gaga's new album 'Joanne.' The deluxe edition will include fourteen tracks. 
I've read some descriptions from someone who attended her recent listening party. The words folksy and jazz were mentioned a few times. Seems Gaga might actually be ditching fun dancepop for something along the lines of moody, indie records with a rock edge. I've actually seen folks accuse her of copying Lana Del Rey's indie schtick. If Gaga's music is going to sound like any of Lana's records imma have ta bail! If Gaga isn't going to perform her older music at the Super Bowl halftime show and brings in Tony Bennett as the guest performer, imma have ta bail! It's good to experiment and evolve from time to time, but going too left field could result in unfavorable consequences. Case in point, her new single 'Perfect Illusion' hasn't received the best reaction from fans, and the music video had many scratching their heads.

It feels like Gaga is having a '4' moment. '4' was the album Beyoncé wanted to make. No trend hopping, catchy pop hooks or anything commercially attractive. Just a straight up R&B record with real singing. Gaga is having that moment, and the album sales won't be good. But at least this will be the album she wanted to make.

'Joanne' is due in stores October 21st.