Mýa just turned 40 today but where?!

This is Mýa at 40-years-old. She shared the new pic to social media to mark her milestone birthday today. She hasn't aged in 25 years, and I know a vegan diet can't do that. She works out a lot and eats clean. But just like her fellow Libra vampire Ashanti she doesn't have kids to run around after and that too factors in her reversal aging process. Plenty of water, regular gym sessions and a healthy diet is all it takes alongside a really good moisturizing soap and lotion. Then again, it can also be down to good genes too, and you know the ol' saying about black not cracking. 

Oh, and new music is on the way!

10/10 🚨🎶 #newmusic teaser 🎶🚨 Fresh out the lab. #ComingSoon As I reflect on another year of life, I celebrate every bump in the road, defeat from every fall & pain from every fight along with the faith & resilience to continue against all odds. And though the journey’s obstacles don’t define us, they damn sure refine us... preparation for proper arrival. I feel like I’ve JUST arrived. Remember, nothing worth it is ever easy, so don’t give up. Pressure = 💎. Sending you all so much gratitude for holding me up through the downs & #HappyBirthday to those I share this day with. 🎂♎️🎉 Lookin’ forward to this next phase, decade & ride around the sun wit’ ya’ with greater purpose. Hello 40 👋🏾. We’re just gettin’ started frfr. Love you, ~Mya 🖤😘💋 🎤 @myaplanet9 🎶 @myguymars 🖊 @myaplanet9 @aguynamedcliff #mya #Planet9 #myaplanet9 #MyGuyMars #astronaughtgang #MGM #October #2019 #40 #God #LibraGang #LibraSeason #MyaLansky #BossShit
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