Rihanna loves her some LeBron.

We stan a stan
Rihanna was courtside at the Laker game last night, sharing fries with her homegirl Melissa. I stan. Queen is out here showing us the right way to spend a Friday night. Imagine being LeBron James wife. Ri and Beyoncé have been his happy side chicks for almost 10 years now. That woman must either be constantly on edge or the most secure woman on the planet. The effect Rihanna's attendance has on LeBron's performances has been positively inspiring. Mel and Ri's relationship on the other hand? Bestie goals, for sure. Oh, and can we have an announcement for this new single please? 2019 is almost over sis.

Her book also made its universal debut in stores this week, and she posed naked to promote it:
...Or at least she's giving the illusion she's butt naked behind that book. We don't see anything, but that's what makes the pic even sexier. She's soooo gorgeous. If I had the time, I could go on Pinterest and ogle her pictures all day. The only thing I find unsexy is the price of this book, cuz chiiiild....