JoJo drops nostalgic R&B single 'Sabotage' ft. CHIKA.

JoJo serving grooves!
So let's be realistic here. JoJo isn't trying to score any big hits in 2019. The likelihood of her getting a massive hit with a nostalgic sounding R&B song is actually quite slim. In regards to her single choices, people are always going to be like, ".... why did she release this? Does she not want a hit? Doesn't she not want her career back?" This is the type of vitriol that inspired the previously released 'Joanna.' Because simply put, she knows what type of artist she is. It would appear JoJo is putting out the type of records that *she* wants to make. That is, music *she* likes without the commercial acclaim, and that's actually okay. Her new single 'Sabotage' featuring rapper CHIKA is lowkey nice. The production is subtle with a bassline reminiscent to mid-90's R&B. I like the jazzy vibes to it too, which gives the cut that added groove. JoJo is singing about her sabotage of romantic relationships, which many people can relate to.

Anyone that enjoyed her 'Agapé' mixtape would definitely enjoy this. I'm glad she's making a return to R&B music... because for JoJo, R&B music is where the home is. Check out the 'Sabotage' lyric video and post your thoughts below.