Adele has lost sh*tloads of weight; she's ready.

Adele aint playing with you bitches
You know Adele is ready to shake up the world and come for souls when she is now smaller than Beyoncé. I wonder if her idol put her on that non-appetizing plant-based diet she likes to indulge right before a tour. This is Adele's divorced, I'm happy to be single look. When her album drops, she will probably end up looking like 90s Janet with some seriously defined six-pack. Perhaps she's even ready to get her sexy on in a music video and shake some booty on stage. The thing is... Adele's main appeal was always being an overweight woman who was not afraid to express her heartbreak in song. And now she's not fat anymore and she's reportedly gone all Kumbaya with the music. Buuuuttt... in less than 70 days, we're going to get Adele's new album, and a single is expected to drop in the first week of November! An uptempo collaboration with Lizzo, or even Nicki Minaj could very well be imminent. Adele showed off her new slimline during Drake's 33rd birthday at Goya studios in Hollywood on Wednesday (shiiiiit, how many parties is this man going to have? Rihanna attended one the other day).

The mobster-themed birthday party was also attended by the likes of Chris Brown, Diddy, and Kylie Jenner to name the few. Peep more pics below.

 Photo by Armen Keleshian