J.Lo loves that iconic green Versace dress #SNL

Strips down to iconic Versace dress
During her opening monologue on Saturday Night Live, Jennifer Lopez did a quick change from a three-piece tux to the tribute green Versace dress. Over the last 20 years, Jen has made it a habit of milking her impact of wearing that dress, which went on to spawn Google Images. She brought it back in 2001 during an appearance on SNL. Fast forward to 2014 where she premieres the music video for 'I Luh Ya Papi.' The visuals show her wearing a jumpsuit very similar to the dress, which she first wore to the Grammys in 2000. In September, she rocked a revamped variation of the dress at a Versace fashion show. And then she brings it back last night during hosting duties on SNL. I've never seen a dress milked to this extent before. Colour me un-shocked if she brings it back for her Super Bowl halftime performance next February.

Anyway, I would like for it to be the actual dress (like it was during her SNL appearance in 2001), because I want to see how that same dress fits on her body today since she was a lot curvier and softer in those days. The one we see today... it’s definitely the same print and fabric but clearly a totally different dress. I think J.Lo wants to show the world that her 50-year-old self still looks as hot in a (modified) dress she wore 20 years ago in her prime. It's kind of egotistical, but she's managed to  preserve her hotness in so many decades, and no harm is being done so... milk it for all it's worth, Ms Lopez.