Beyoncé says she gives "zero f*cks" about people criticizing her weight.

"Middle Fingers Up!"
So anyway, you've seen the gorgeous pictures. So let's discuss some of Beyoncé's interview with the January 2020 issue of Elle magazine which was in deed very candid. She tells Elle the question she hates the most to answer: “Are you pregnant? Get off my ovaries!” Must suck like mad when the entire world is all up in your womb every time you step out the house looking extra curvier than usual. Rather than assume this could just be menstrual bloat (it happens to the best and worst of us) or the impact of a really good meal, the first thing to bounce off folks' tongues is, "she's got to be four months pregnant." Pregnancy rumours have been consistently rife with this woman. Sadly, they probably won't stop until she's Tina's age (yes the two T's to inspire Beyoncé). This would drive me craaaazy! It explains why celebrity life was never for me to begin with. When Mariah Carey gains weight (because her body fluctuations are just as frequent), nobody automatically assumes she's pregnant. Perhaps it's because she's not of natural child-bearing age anymore, but all I see on my timeline is, "that bitch got fat because she ate herself into a slum." And when Bey's hips are looking extra curvier, all of a sudden she's automatically with child.

"Get off my ovaries" really was the right response here or more classically, "remove your tongue from my uterus" would have worked just as well. So when asked how she feels about people constantly commenting on her appearance? Her sharp response was, "giving zero f*cks is the most liberating place to be." She admits to feeling more womanly and secure with her curves, and even more so now that she's had children. I enjoyed the interview, because it brought out Beyoncé's personality. In the past, everything about her was just so controlled and strategic. Her answers would be so media-trained and rehearsed, you'd think she wasn't human. But now? She's dropping f-bombs in interviews and it's actually quite refreshing to see. Also, unless she has something to promote, Bey doing an interview is such a rarity these days that it becomes an actual event itself. Savour the moment, ya'll.