Cassie gives birth to a baby girl.

A fairytale happy ever after
In wonderful news, Cassie and her husband Alex Fine have welcomed the arrival of a baby girl, which they have named Frankie. The little girl weighed 8 lbs 4 oz. Congratulations! This is how you move on! I know people had their doubts about this. Questions were asked. Those questions consisted of, how does she end up being in a 10-year relationship with Diddy but goes on to marry and have a baby with someone else that she's only been with for a year? She went and pulled a Jenna Dewan, and I'm not even mad at them, lol. Cassie wanted kids. I remember reading an interview years ago where she said as much.

I'm surprised she did not secure the bag and have a baby on Diddy ages ago. Yes, he treated her like sh*t. But she stayed with him. She wasted her entire 20's and stayed with a cheating man for 10 years, for whatever reasons. No one knows why, because she is so beautiful. She had her pick of wealthy men. He might not have had Diddy's clout and power, but she'd have been happier. The publicity of being with him, the lavish lifestyle, rubbing shoulders with A-Listers, business opportunities and vice versa was all good. But you know it's never enough if you're trapped in your own misery right? Seems she came to her senses finally. Given the controversial nature of her relationship with Diddy (toppled with domestic abuse rumours), this was the right decision for Cassie, and I am mad happy for her.