The moment Ashanti swerves question about her "affair" with Irv Gotti.

Ashanti recently visited Bravo's 'Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen,' and certainly got a taste of some shade. Anyone that goes on his show is brave because if anyone is familiar with his show will also know Mr Cohen pulls no punches. When he read a viewer's question in regards to how she feels about Irv Gotti talking about their "affair" on Wendy (click here if you missed that), Ashanti was quick on her feet with the shady question. You answer a shady question with your product plug, and that's how you pay someone dust. Why should she validate Irv's claims with a direct response? So that he can go back on Wendy with a part two of mouth diarrhea?

You know if she had, Irv would have creamed his pants, because that is exactly what he would have wanted. She stopped speaking to him so he wanted to hurt her by publicly putting it out there that they'd had sex. Not just a one-off either, but multiple times. Ugh. Her response was very classy, and professional. I liked the look and the short bob she had going on, but she needs to fire her make up artist. As pretty as she is, her nose was beaming too much highlight and glowed so much it could have lit up an entire room.