Who hacked Mariah Carey? Racist Camila Cabello?

Shady start to 2020!
Mariah Carey probably had the best Christmas of her entire life, but someone out there (who most likely got sick and tired of hearing 'All I Want For Christmas Is You') wasn't going to let her be great for the last remainder of 2019.

The legendary diva took a nap, only to wake up to find that she was trending GLOBALLY due to her Twitter account being hacked! Although the tweets have since been deleted, December 31st 2019 will always go down as the day Mariah Carey's Twitter got hacked.

With the multiple N-word usage, many have suggested such act was committed by racist Camila Cabello:

Or even Mariah's nemesis Jennifer Lopez who also once came under fire years ago for her usage of the N-word:
Camila Cabello? Jennifer Lopez?

Jokes aside, you just know this is the type of shade Mariah would loved to have included in a song:
She probably even laughed at it before banishing the tweet into the pits of hell. Some real tea was spilled here, as I feel she’s been wanting to say this for years.
One thing for sure is that MC certainly didn’t deserve this mess going into the new decade with a number 1 song like the legend that she is.