Ashanti says she's down to do a Verzuz battle with Keyshia Cole.

Ashanti told Fat Joe during an Instagram Live that she’s down to do a Verzuz battle with Keyshia Cole if we want to see it.

If WE want to see it. Not something she would cape for personally, but if enough people pushed for it she'd do it. I'm sure Ashanti respects Keyshia as an artist (they've even collaborated in the past). However, I think deep down, Ashanti knows she'd wipe the floor with Keyshia just by her songs with Ja Rule alone. If we’re talking hits, Ashanti would win by a landslide. Keyshia does have the better discography though.


Lauryn said...

Why is Fat Joe pushing these Verzuz battles that don't make sense??! First he came up with Keith Sweat vs Bobby Brown of all people. Not Joe, not Brian Mcknight, not Johnny Gill, no Bobby Brown.

And now Ashanti vs Keyshia Cole. Give Ashanti some competition. They're not even from the same era. I could see Mya, or even Christina Milian, but not Keyshia.

Im waiting on Brandy vs Monica though! I would love to see that happen.

Toya said...

I agree with you that Mya would have been a better fit. And Fantasia would have been suited to Keyshia Cole.