Leona Lewis for 'Rollacoaster.'

Leona Lewis has done a cover shoot for the Autumn/Winter 2020 issue of 'Rollacoaster' magazine. 

Next year will make fifteen years since winning The X Factor, and she reflects on the past 14 years in the industry. When asked about new music, she is very vague in her response, only revealing she's on the verge of "finishing off ideas" that she's been "toying around with for some time now." The toying around with ideas stage. Sigh. It's been five years, Leona. 

Click here to read the interview in full.


Lauryn said...

She is gorgeous but I didn't even know she still made music. Too bad, she is mad talented. Guess she doesn't have the real X factor.

tmcarson82@gmail.com said...

I so want her to succeed. I’ve bought all of her albums, including Glassheart before it was available in the states. My favorite album was Echo. I hope she finds her sound and her lane. Sadly, I’m afraid she is going to fade away.