What else?

Tonight's Verzuz battle between Ashanti and Keyshia Cole is one I'm looking forwards to, so much that I hit up Tesco and brought some snacks! 

So I stocked up on some tins of Red bull, some southern fried chicken wings, my favourite potato chips... I even checked out Little Woods to see if they had any cute dresses. Stupid I know, cuz it's not like anyone is going to see me looking fly. 

As for whatever else that's been happening in these celebrity streets... Beyoncé presented her proteges Chloe and Halle with The Rising Star Award at the 15th Annual Billboard Women in Music Event, and it looked like she had just got out of bed and threw on some lipstick. Then again, if she showed herself full glam in Balmain and a beat face, people would have had something to say about that too. 

Keri Hilson isn't pregnant by the way. The newly unveiled baby bump is for a movie role. But with everyone falling pregnant this year and going cray cray with the baby announcements, it would not have been so much a shocker. 

Jennifer Lopez also accepted the Icon Award from Maluma at the 2020 Billboard Women in Music, but I didn't care to post about it because she's received so many icon awards (even recently) that it is no longer considered news. 

Let's just wait and see if she actually makes it down the aisle with A. Rod, because I have a feeling 2021 is going to bring us some surprises! 


Michelle said...

Interesting Toya, what are you sensing or reading intuitively about Jlo and Arod? They come across as a strong couple. What are your reasons that it possibly might not happen?

Toya said...

I just get Bennifer vibes and we all know how THAT ended. Hope I'm wrong though.