Janet Jackson gives "retired" Teyana Taylor some love & cyber hugs.

Well, this is nice. Teyana Taylor who just celebrated her 30th on Thursday, and announced her retirement from music, was offered some strong words of encouragement from her idol Janet Jackson.

After her Grammys snub, Taylor complained that she felt “super unappreciated as an artist,” prompting her to possibly retire from music for good. The reason I say "possibly", is because these celeb retirements are always short-lived. She is only 30. At some point, she will feel the urge to go back into the studio and record a track or two. Then before you know it, a full album has been prepared. 

Ciara hasn't had a hit album in over a decade, doesn't 
receive much acknowledgement from the major award ceremonies, but keeps going anyway. She keeps going because she is passionate about her art and knows she still has her supporters. Janet had to FIGHT her way out of her brother's shadow for people to take her seriously as an artist. After the Super Bowl scandal where she was blamed for everything, and the world landed firmly on her shoulders, she carried on. An epic blacklisting was not going to put this woman into early retirement, and to be honest, I felt that was so much worse than any lack of acknowledgement from the Grammys. As Janet says, she has "an undeniable gift from God." So continue to use it, while the support is still there.