Mariah Carey's 'All I Want for Christmas' hits UK #1... finally, finally, FINALLY.

Mariah Carey
's 'All I Want for Christmas Is You' tops the official UK charts after 26 years. 

The festive classic was originally kept off the top spot by East 17's 'Stay Another Day' when it was first released in 1994. Last year, the song topped the official Billboard Hot 100 for the very first time too. 

I've always wondered why this song has never topped the chart in any of the lucrative markets up until recently. It is essentially the soundtrack to Christmas. It plays in every single retail store, McDonalds, KFC, all shopping malls, pubs, and has been used in multiple Christmas adverts for the longest time now. Not that a number one is important to Mariah, because the wealth she's acquired from royalties alone has still made her a winner regardless.