Beyoncé, the Ice Princess #IcyPark ❄️

Beyoncé sis... winter is almost over. Then again... it doesn't matter when you're Empress B. As bizarre as it would be, Bey could promote bubble coats and furry hats in the middle of a scorching hot summer and BeyHive would still be like, "Take my coins now, b*tch." Smart marketing strategy featuring Gucci Mane as the icy is right on trend for him.



Anonymous said...

I wonder when she will tour again because them stadiums are about to be filled & she's well rested too.

Toya said...

Artists aren't touring now because they can't due to the pandemic. It seems touring has been banned until next year.

Donpapillon said...

I’m sure she will take full advantage of the atmosphere and likely create some sort of virtual or stream-able experience.