Doja Cat eyes Beyoncé collaboration.

Hotel Hideaway is apparently Doja Cat's favourite mobile social game, which she frequently tweets about. 

Players can customize their character, build rooms, make friends and participate in events. On the app, she told fans she's trying to get Beyoncé on her upcoming album, allegedly titled 'Planet Her.' 

Yesterday, she followed Pharrell Williams on Twitter, causing fans to speculate that he may be a possible producer on the project. 
A lot of people would like to collaborate with Bey. But that chick is very picky with collaborations. If Bey collaborates with anyone then it's because she truly respects them. Not saying Bey has no respect for Doja. I'm just pointing out that bagging a collab with Bey won't be easy, and good luck with that.


Donpapillon said...

Beyoncé is not going on her album. She was never intending to be on Meg’s, and Meg only got the feature because she’s a woman from Houston.

barbie said...

Beyonce don't do it