Trick Daddy addresses backlash over controversial Beyoncé remarks...

During an appearance on the radio station 99Jamz Miami, Trick Daddy showed he wasn't backing down after trashing Beyoncé and her singing abilities on the app Clubhouse. His controversial remarks spurred her fanbase to dish out their own brand of justice for the disrespect. "What I said was I don't think Beyoncé could sing… which is my opinion, and opinions [are] like buttholes," the rapper, 46, said. 

"Without them, you'll be full of doo-doo. That's my unpopular opinion." 
In deed everyone is entitled to their opinions, no matter how sh*tty they may be... since we're using this as an example. And it's actually OK to think Beyoncé is overrated. A lot of people think she's overrated... but to say Beyoncé can't sing? Shiiiiiit. That itself is almost criminal. 


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Anonymous said...

I Love that he ist standing by what he said.

I hate that dumb beehive. Honestly, those are mostly people in their thirties and they don't have anything better to do than releasing shitty reviews on the internet.

Joe Cola said...

I just don’t think it’s cool people are attacking his physical appearance for expressing his opinion. Society is trash. Beyoncé is great to me but I’d never come for anyone who thought otherwise. At the end of the day, I trust no billionaire.

SuxMyCockiness said...

Beyoncé can definitely sing, so I disagree with Trick Daddy on that. I do think she is overrated tho, and a lot of her songs lack conviction. The Beehive is foul for messing with this mans money. Why can’t they just let people have a opinion? It’s not going to affect their own love for Beyoncé.

The B List said...

Rihanna should have been called out for her Greatest Of All Time vocals. Heheh

Beyoncé can sing, she just can’t speak.

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