Jesy Nelson reveals solo music will reflect her own tastes: ❝Old school R&B & hip-hop.❞

Jesy Nelson's cover story for Guardian Weekend magazine has been released today. She talks about a number of things including life post-Little Mix and after. The 30-year-old who is preparing to release her first solo single 'Boyz,' says she's finally able to do the music she's always wanted to do. 

"I loved what we did in Little Mix, but it wasn’t necessarily music I would listen to myself. The music I love is old school R&B and hip-hop. That’s what I grew up with and what I always wanted to make, so now I am making it, it feels amazing.” 

Her Nicki Minaj-assisted new single is described as R&B influenced, with an element of hip-hop (including a sample from P Diddy’s 'Bad Boy For Life.') In the song, co-written with producers Loose Change, she calls herself out for being attracted to bad boys. When Little Mix moved to RCA, she thought the move was disastrous, especially when forced to sing songs she despised. 

“It was just a bit sh*t because we loved our whole team. When Little Mix started out, and for a long time, we were very authentic. We’d go in and write together, but as we got older and changed label, we lost heart in it a bit. We were given songs and I hated them. I was like, ‘I don’t want to be on them – I don’t like the song.’ I don’t ever want to be an artist that puts out something I don’t believe in.” 

She also reveals her childhood hero is Missy Elliott. Sounds like someone is ready to unleash her inner Beyoncé, hence all the black-fishing accusations. Transformation is seemingly almost complete now. Jokes aside, I'm looking forward to her music. As an 90s R&B fanatic myself, I'll listen to anyone's brand of old-school R&B if it's good.


The B List said...

What is black fishing?
Going fishing in the dark?