Adele’s new single dropping this week, according to radio host Mauler...

Hot 89.9 FM radio host Jeff Mauler is claiming that we're going to hear Adele's new single this week. For Mauler's sake this better be true if he wants to keep his creditability as a radio jock. Nobody likes a professional troll and he could very well find himself cleaning up a tonne of egg shells from his front porch. [UPDATE: Surprise, surprise the tweet has been deleted] 

There has been a couple of rumours in the lead up to the alleged new single. A music video that was reportedly shot last week at Paramount Studios. A rumoured British Vogue cover for the November issue. A rumoured November release date for the album. And then of course the rumoured Vegas residency for January. This news is sure to excite fans. However, the news probably won't be welcomed by 95-year-old Alzheimer's sufferer Tony Bennett who’s about to release his last album in the same time frame.