Lizzo radiates beauty on the December cover of ❝Essence.❞

The November/December edition of Essence has Lizzo covering their 
❝Year Of Radical Self-Care❞ issue, photographed by Ramona Rosales. 
In their cover story, she discusses how draining it is to constantly be the focus of the body positive movement. She says she is misunderstood and tired of the backlash. ❝It’s exhausting,❞ Lizzo admits. ❝And that’s the point. I don’t want to talk about this anymore. We should be neutral about bodies.❞ Many celebrities have spoken out about mental illness and took stands to bring more awareness to the cause. Lizzo is prioritizing her own needs, which is why she dropped that one single and video and retreated back to hibernation. A few months ago, the lass cried her little eyes out when she was trolled over her physical appearance, but then in the next video she was exposing her bare butt to 100,000 people.