Ciara deemed a ❝sellout❞ for promoting Covid-19 vaccines for children at White House...

Ciara is catching outrage for promoting Covid-19 vaccinations 
for children during yesterday's visit to the White House.
The singer, who showed up at the White House with her young kids, is looking to ❝level up❞ child vaccine rates, and has taken ❝1,2 steps❞ in doing so, although it is coming at a cost. Her integrity! 
She has been labelled a puppet and a sellout after teaming up with First Lady Jill Biden to film a campaign, and standing up on a podium to discuss the importance of vaccinations for kids in the 5 to 11 age bracket. Much of the anger stemming from well documented statements in the media previously that children are less likely to die from the virus, so therefore, why do they need to take the vaccine? People are disappointed in Ciara for allowing herself to be used as a pawn in such a way. They more than likely couldn't get a power player like Beyoncé (who would have been dragged a billion times harder.) So they settled for clout chasing Ciara who will align herself to anything attached to the proximity of wealth and A-list status. Adding to her and Russell Wilson's vision of implementing their brand as America's sweetheart black family. All for a cheque!



nil said...

You have become so shady all of a sudden Toya hahahha I love it!
"clout chasing Ciara" hahaha im dying
or like Wendy said: Ciara would even attend the opening of an Envelope hahah

Wow... I am disgusted by the fact she is doing this. Leave the kids out of this please!
My girlfriend, my daughter and me as well, had corona last september and i ll tell you it was
really bad. And to this day my daughter still has like a little cough that worries us , even though the doctor said she is alright.

But still I would not give her the vaccin, let alone advise other parents to take it... Ciara sit down!

Toya said...

Me too. I had it four months ago and yes it was awful. But I'm in no rush to have the vaccine. I will still mask up in confined places especially those with very little air conditioning. If mandates aren't lifted by 2023 I will probably just have it so I can go abroad.

Toya said...

I wish you and your daughter much well wishes.

Anonymous said...

@Toya I definitely agree, They would have ripped Beyonce apart for this.... Also as quiet as its kept, Beyonce is very low-key & try & avoid the paparazzi...

Toya said...


Unknown said...

who cares! No one will remember this. this isn't the first time she promoted the vaccine. Her and her husband did it when it first became available. Why would she change her stance now! Next

Troy said...

Wait so Ciara is a sell out for following the science and doctors? It’s not about children getting covid. Although more and more are now that we are stupidly allowing the virus to mutate. It’s mainly about the fact that are spreaders and carriers! That’s how the virus mutates!

I love my community but people are really ignorant of science and this is a scientific and biological question. Thank you Ciara for following the facts and not the ignorant.

No offense Toya I do love you but watching people debate the vaccine and pretend they know more when they haven’t read a medical journal or peer reviewed paper in their lives is pretty obnoxious. We are putting peoples/our own families lives in danger all based on misinformation. It’s sad.

Toya said...

Just to let you know I am not anti-vaxx. I encouraged my mom to have it because she's diabetic, but she had to have it anyway bc she works in a care home. It was either she refuses the vaccine or she quits her job. But job or not I wanted her to have it. My issue isn't actually with the vaccines itself. There is always going to be risks with all forms of medication and treatments. It should be up to the person if they want to take those risks. Celebrities FORCING it down our throats shouldn't be allowed tbh. People have the right to make the decisions that is best FOR THEM. You never know what lies behind a person's medical history in their reason for not being vaccinated. A vaccine can exacerbate a pre-existing medical condition that has remained dormant for years and make it worse. Have it or don't have it. That's your choice. But others should not be vilified for not wanting it either.

Missmeka1987 said...

I think humans in general are consumed by today's society They forget simple things like you don't have to agree on everything To call this woman a sell out simply because she's following science or hell she just want this damn thing called COVID19 to be over with is selfishly ridiculous smh

An Anonymous Trip said...

So Ciara specifically is a sellout because she's helping to promote the need for people to be vaccinated meanwhile she and her husband have both received the vaccine themselves and are just fine, amid all of the reasons why other people don't want or can not get it? Which is why they are promoting it.

My point is that damn near everyone is promoting to get vaccinated because that is what the government is requiring people to do and more people than not have have actually died from covid far more than they have died or had some other underlying issue brought about because of the vaccine. So how the hell is she a sellout because she's advocating for people to be safe in these times that we now live?

I'm gonna say this as a longtime follower. You have an issue with Ciara. Don't know what it is, don't really care. But to call her a clout chaser and to deem that she is not on somebody else's level because you do not like her as much you like someone else is pitiful. Beyonce's not doing the numbers she used to do and is not as popular as she once was either, if she advocates on her website for vaccinations, are you going to make just as vile of a post about her?

Not an anti vaxxer or a pro vaxxer, but this was a pretty Low blow to make a post like this to match your bias with your dislike of her.

Also, Ciara's not a clout chaser. She doesn't go on the internet talking about who she slept with, she's not calling every person she meets her cousin or sister, and her talent/brand awareness/business savvy have brought her this far along. I greatly beg to differ on everything you wrote in this post

Cuaren Tenah said...

You'd rather risk children dying even though you say it's probable?!?

There's still a chance of them dying and ur really okay with that over a vaccine?

Says alot about you and ur potential parenting skills.


Can we see your grades in science courses you took Doctor Toya?

Cuaren Tenah said...

Do you even know how to read a research paper?

Do you have years of experience in analyzing data?

Are you writing your blog posts from a research lab?

"Because people don't know others medical history" is a sorry excuse for fake outrage.

You, a survivor and who claimed was horrible experience, will be negligent enough to advice against protection for it.

nil said...

Well you know guys, please present us with a good paper that explains the pro's and cons. And assure me that if my girlfriend and I take our vaccin, that we shall not have any problems with our fertility, her cycle and that we will have a completely healthy second baby. And while you are at it, please let me know why I should vaccinate my daughter of 3 with a vaccin that has been developed last only last year. And yes i know that the base or technology of the vaccin was already laying ready before covid hit. To be clear i am also not against a vaccin, it is just that I'm a little bit sceptic. And I do not like that a celebrity is used to promote something so serious.

And concerning Ciara, yes she is doing everything to stay relevant because the music is unfortunately not..She was also probably the last in line they wanted for the job..