Doja Cat backtracks and apologizes for complaining about her demanding career...

Doja Cat's publicist looks to have gotten in her ear and told 
her to apologise for complaining about her hectic schedule. 
Doja should not have apologised. She clearly said those things with her chest and meant every word. This is not the first time she has vented about being overworked. Her publicist most likely made her aware that complaining made her look like an insensitive entitled brat. There are a lot of working class people struggling to make ends meet and working their asses off on minimum wage, not even earning a fraction of what Doja gets financially. Sure, burnout is real. But complaining very openly to millions of people on Instagram Live was not the right way to go about it. What exactly does she expect those millions of people to do? 

Nobody is saying she doesn't have the right to complain about being tired. But do it to the RIGHT PEOPLE. That is what her team and management is there for, so she can confide in them. And then they can help her navigate her hectic career and notoriety with a more feasible schedule that requires breaks in between. 


Consciousness Community said...

I don’t blame her for having those feelings but you’re right that she should be venting this to her team. Whether it’s warranted or not, the public doesn’t empathize with pop stars’ problems because only the glamour is glorified and the the dark side remains hidden. The demands of fame and celebrity are noxious.