Rihanna spotted looking flawless in Santa Monica following Super Bowl announcement...

At this point, Giorgio Baldi should be giving Rihanna a lifetime supply of free lavish dinners for the amount of unpaid publicity she gives them on a near weekly basis. I'm not joking.

I have never eaten there in my life, but when I visit that neck of the woods, it is now officially the first place I actually want to try! She 
looked absolutely incredible last night as she visited her favorite restaurant in Santa Monica. The entire velvet fit is simply perfection. Love the dress and it looks very winter friendly too. With her headlining performance at next years Super Bowl drumming up major hype, the spotlight is going to be firmly on Rihanna these next couple of months. As a result of this, something tells me every street she walks on now is going to become a flawless and fierce catwalk parade.