Nicki Minaj criticised for calling Latto a spray tanning ❝Karen❞ after defending Jesy Nelson’s black-fishing...

Nicki Minaj is coming under some serious fire for calling her rap rival Latto a spray tanning ❝Karen❞ following their current back and forth Twitter beef early this morning. The argument started after the Grammys removed Nicki’s ❝Super Freaky Girl❞ song from the rap category at the Grammy’s and placed it into the pop category. Furious at the move, Nicki then tweeted that Latto's ❝Big Energy❞ should also be removed from the rap category as well since the Grammys want to get political. Direct insults were traded between both women resulting in Nicki revealing she turned down Latto THREE times to guest feature on her songs. Latto called Nicki's husband a rapist. She also referred to Nicki as a grandma and a 40-year-old bully. Nicki accused Latto of age-shaming her. #40YearoldBully started trending, as well as #JesyNelson. Okay, so what has former Little Mix band member Jesy Nelson got to do with this rap girl beef? Apparently, Nicki repeatedly referred to the half black Latto as a Karen who spray tans. But black Twitter have lit a fire under Nicki's ass for her hypocrisy. Last year (exactly a year ago actually), Nicki went on Instagram live and defended white singer Jesy for her black-fishing ways and heavy spray tans, all while sh*tting on Jesy's former bandmate Leigh-Ann Pinnock, a black woman. She even went as far as DOUBLING DOWN on attacking Leigh-Ann. So does this make Nicki Minaj the biggest hypocrite of all hypocrites? Yep. It absolutely does. Both women have since deleted their tweets.


The backlash: